Keep tabs with Bid of History on Facebook!

Bid of History is on Facebook!

Bid of History is on Facebook!

Bid of History is on Facebook, giving you yet another way to keep tabs on all our exciting auction news!

Our website will have detailed information on each auction, and links to our catalogs for bidding, but you can follow us on facebook for additional news and special reminders about deadlines and event announcements!

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Make more money this year with Bid of History!

Did you make any resolutions for 2013?  Whatever your goal for this year is, Bid of History can help you open valuable space in your home, and make money selling all manner of items.

Bid of History is ready to sell estates, business liquidations, aben franklinnd even spare items from your collections and home, and our staff is dedicated to getting you the most for your treasures.

Are you facing tough times in a harsh economy?  Do you need to open up more room in your home?  Are you ready to sell the remnants of an old hobby that you no longer have the same interest in?  Do you want to sell a valuable item, but want it to sell for the absolute highest amount you can get?  Bid of History is where to start.  We use every resource at our disposal to bring bids to your items.  Local advertisement and the excitement of an auction setting, plus online listing and bidding, and the passion of our dedicated staff members all work together to make your sale.

Call for more information at (219) 476-3188 and we’ll help you begin!